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Who We Are

We are a Demolition and Land Clearing service provider, committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed our customers' expectations. Whatever the project, we have the right solution to meet your goals.

We pride ourselves on providing services that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with our work.

Quality Service You Can Trust & Safety you can depend on!


At Level Ground we see every demolition as a new beginning, a new chance in life. Going through Hurricane Michael was an example of that, with our tools and knowledge we are committed to helping our community to rebuild bigger and better.

  • Houses

  • Mobile Homes

  • Sheds

  • Buildings

  • Barns

  • Detached Garages

  • Decks & Patios

  • Fences

Whether you have an old structure on your property that needs to be removed to make room for expansion or to create a cleaner view. Recently bought a property with an inhabitable structure ? We can help you get started on the rebuilding process or simply make your property look its very best.

Living in the sunny state of Florida is pure paradise, and for that reason is visited by so many year round.

Unfortunately with that paradise comes Hurricanes & Tropical Storms. As Floridians we are tough and resilient and have weathered many storms together.

hurricane & storm clean up

If a damaging storm makes its way into our community we have the equipment and resources to help the clean up efforts which helps start the healing process. We are here for our neighbors, community and our state!

land clearing & debris removal

If you need assistance in clearing vegetation overgrowth or removing unwanted debris on your property. We can help! We have worked with Asset Companies, Banks, Investors, Realtors and private individuals in cleaning up and bringing new life and value to their property.

site prep for new construction

Buying a raw piece of land to build your dream house is exciting but can be overwhelming. We take the pressure off by starting the process of evaluating the property and getting your site prepped to begin the construction process. We have the ability to serve both homeowners and developers alike.

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